3 things I love about lifestyle newborn photography | Maryland Lifestyle Newborn Photographer


I absolutely love working with families. It’s an honor when I’m allowed to enter their lives and have the privilege to capture a brief moment in time. As I’ve worked with different families, I’ve realized that sessions with newborns have a little extra something that just tugs at my heart. These are the three top reasons why I love lifestyle newborn photography.

1. Tiny hands, tiny fingers, tiny feet and tiny toes!

Newborns are so cute, so sweet and so tiny! That new baby smell, those tiny little fingers and toes, those cheeks, those rolls…it has this incredible power over anyone that comes near. Have you ever heard a group of women when a baby appears? So many ooooohs and ahhhhhs; all of a sudden everyone is incapable of speaking without it being in high pitched form! Those tiny little details need to be captured, they need to be documented before they aren’t so tiny anymore. The transformation that happens to a newborn is so quick. If you aren’t careful, you might blink and they aren’t teeny tiny anymore. I love being there, to capture the small details, while they are still small. One day, that family will look back and be brought back to a time when that little hand was the size of the tip of your finger, when those feet fit in the palm of your hand and when your little bundle of joy was still a little bundle of joy.

2. I get to participate in a special time of a family’s life!

Newborns fundamentally change the make-up of a family. Whether it’s the first baby, or fourth, that family’s life will never be the same again. That newborn period is hectic as life re-adjusts to the fresh new addition. Between the whirlwind of sleepless nights and endless days, in the middle of it all is a special little someone. Someone’s new son or daughter, someone’s new brother or sister. Despite all the craziness, it’s always a special moment in time. A tiny little life has arrived bringing unconditional love, and I get to capture that moment. I get to freeze that moment in time and capture images that the family will cherish forever.

3. I get to capture emotional connections!

Every time I see a mom and baby, and witness the bond between a mother and a child, it brings me back to how I feel when I hold my son. I know that bond, I can feel that bond and I feel it every time I am working with a mom and her newborn. I also love capturing the connection between a father and a child. A lot of times, dad looks a bit stiff and awkward as they hold their baby, but that bond and love that you feel is as natural as it can be. When a baby curls their tiny little hand around dad’s finger, I can’t help but melt. Also, the bond between siblings is just so sweet. Sometimes it’s a connection of awe and amazement, sometimes it’s a connection of uncertainty; either way, it’s a sweet connection to capture. I just absolutely love all the different types of emotional connections I get to capture for the family.

Of course there are more reasons than these, but I am going to stop here. I love newborns, I love photography and I absolutely love lifestyle newborn photography. I love the opportunity to freeze moments in time and give the gift of long lasting memories.