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When baby girl’s mom emailed me about a newborn session for her third daughter, she was anxious to document her baby, who was growing bigger every day. Baby girl was already two weeks old and was growing so fast, she really wanted to get a session done as soon as possible.

The great thing about lifestyle newborn photography is the timing of the session doesn’t have such a narrow window as it does for traditional posed newborn photography. With traditional posed newborn photography the session usually occurs between 5 and 10 days. This is because the baby needs to be asleep to get them into the different poses and it’s easier to get them into all the different poses when they are still that fresh. With lifestyle newborn photography, I capture the baby and family however I find them, when they are ready for a session. This means a baby can be three days, three weeks or three months old.

At almost three weeks old, baby girl was ready for her session. She was joined by her two sweet, energetic sisters and her loving parents. There was laughing, a little crying, but all around good times. The best part of it all was seeing the love and affection that everyone had for the newest addition to the family. I just love working with families and freezing these precious moment in time. It’s an honor and a privilege to do what I do; and I am very thankful for that.

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