7 Photographs Every Mom Must Have | Maryland Lifestyle Newborn, Baby and Family Photographer

Anyone who knows me knows that I am head over heels in love with my son. Becoming a mom has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I have laughed, loved and lived harder than I thought was ever possible since the arrival of my son. From being pregnant, to bringing him home, to watching him run down a trail; it’s all gone by far too quickly. 

Photography has been the way that I’ve been able to stop time and capture each fleeting moment. Below are the 7 photographs that I think every mom should have. These will be photographs that she (and her family) will cherish forever.


1. The special bond between a mother and her baby

There is something so special about the bond between a mother and a child. Every mom would love to be able to capture that bond in an image. She would love an image where you can feel the love for her child coming through. 


2. Tiny hands, tiny fingers, tiny feet and tiny toes!

Newborns are so cute, so sweet and so tiny! Those tiny little details need to be documented before they aren’t so tiny anymore. The transformation that happens to a newborn is so quick. If you aren’t careful, you might blink and they aren’t teeny tiny anymore. One day mom will appreciate looking back at images from the newborn days, when that little hand was the size of the tip of her thumb and when those tiny feet fit in the palm of her hand.


3. The special bond between a father and his baby

There is always so much focus on mom and baby, but you can’t forget the bond between father and child. There is something truly special about how fragile and small a baby looks in his/her father's strong arms. Couple that strength with capturing a sweet and tender moment between father and baby, and you have a priceless image that mom will appreciate. 


4. Both parents with baby

Whether it’s a first baby or a fourth baby, it’s a special time in that family’s life. Capturing the new addition with the parents will capture a moment in time when that family dynamic was changed forever. An image showing the love between the parents and the new baby is one mom will appreciate looking back on when her baby is all grown up.


5. Siblings with baby

If this is not a first baby, it is also an important time for the sibling(s). All of a sudden, there is a new little person in their home. It's so sweet to capture the beginning of a life-long bond between siblings. Mom will also love having an image of all her babies together.


6. Mom with all her babies

Once you get an image of all her babies, get mom into the picture. Moms love having pictures with her and her babies. 


7. The whole family 

Mom will really appreciate a picture with the entire family. Moms are usually the designated family photographer, so it takes a little extra effort to get pictures with her in them. Mom will cherish a photograph in which her entire family is included, especially if everyone’s personalities come out in that image. 

Newborn, baby and family lifestyle photography is a beautiful way to capture images of any family. It’s something that any mom would truly appreciate. 

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