3 Reasons Why Every Expecting Mother Needs Maternity Photos | Maryland Lifestyle Maternity Photographer


Pregnancy is different for everyone. Some have great pregnancy stories, where they feel wonderful the whole time and have great memories of being pregnant. For others, it can be a tough time. I felt terrible throughout most of my pregnancy. I had "morning sickness" pretty much all day, every day, starting from 9 weeks all the way through delivery. The funny thing is despite how I felt, I still really, really wanted maternity photos. I knew I wanted to document this special time in my life. I felt terrible the day of my maternity shoot, even as we walked to our location...but I wanted those pictures so help me!! I am so thankful I insisted on having those pictures. They came out so great!! There is this one picture from the session where I smiled at the camera and just radiated happiness. When I shared that picture, everyone said that I looked amazing!! And I wore pregnancy well and all these wonderful things that were the opposite of how I felt. Somehow my photographer (aka my husband❤️) had managed to capture the glow in the midst of it all. And of course little man's arrival made it all worth it. I am so glad that I ignored how I felt and insisted on those pictures. I would have regretted it if we didn’t do them. This is why I encourage every expecting mother to get maternity photos. Here are three reasons why:

1. Capture the moment right before things change

When you’re an expecting mother, you are at the verge of a major life change. Whether it’s your first child or your fourth, once the new baby arrives, life will never be the same. Your family will now have an additional little person in it. You’ll become a new mother or a mother of an additional child. If you already have a child, that child will become an older sibling. Your overall family dynamic will just be different. A maternity session will capture this special moment in time, a time when you family was at the beginning of a new journey.

2. Celebrate motherhood

An expecting mother is growing a human being!! You may not feel or think that you look your best, but that’s not what is important. When I was pregnant, it was a time where I didn’t sweat the extra pounds. I proudly displayed my belly because what was important was growing inside my belly, a tiny little human being. Despite feeling awful, I loved being pregnant because at the end of it all, my precious little man came into this world. A maternity session can help you celebrate the strength of a woman and your ability to bring life into this world.

3. It’s a gift for your child

While this has not happened to me yet, I have been curious about it and have heard other children ask about it. “Mommy, what did you look like when you were pregnant with me?” Wouldn’t it be great if you could answer with a photograph? Mothers are pretty bad about being in pictures. We are usually the designated family photographer and if not, a lot of us get out of being photographed because we don’t like how we look. But remember, pictures will be around when we are gone. Wouldn’t it be great if your children have pictures of you from the very beginning of their journey? If you are not up to getting photographs for yourself, know that if you do get them, your children will love having them and will look fondly on them.


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